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BeL PLD Kelvin Rd

13/8/2013 - Met with Davina


Kura Targets - Blended e-Learning Inquiries

Māori Medium e-Learning Planning Framework (MMeLPF) - Positioning/Actions/Purpose

The Virtual Learning Network

Term 3 Hui dates

Blended e-Learning

Video clips link: Enabling e-Learning Media Gallery


Technology transforming education

Kura Targets - Blended e-Learning Inquiries

Blended e-Learning Inquiries to support achieving your targets - What are your targets?

Possible Action:

  • Compile a list of online/electronic programmes, sites that you are already using 

Blended e-Learning Inquiries

How can we frame a school-wide inquiry or individual inquiries around what you are already doing?

Needing to decide on an Inquiry Model to follow - Guided Inquiry at a guided pace

Examples to consider:

NZC - Teaching as Inquiry Model - Page 35


TMOA - Te Hurihanga Whakaako Pakirehua me te Waihanga Mātauranga - Te Whārangi 16

Inquiry Cycle TMOA

Translation provided via TMOA Reo Pākeha version - Page 15

  • What are the essential learning outcomes for students from the Curriculum and community?
  • Evaluate how students are progressing in relation to those learning outcomes (use the graduate profile as a guide).
  • What knowledge and skills do teachers require to support learners to link their learning to the new learning outcomes?
  • How can administrators, whānau and iwi support teachers to raise student learning/achievement?
    • To ease/assist students into new experiences.
    • To strengthen teachers’ knowledge and skills.
  • What are the benefits of the activities for the learners? 

KM Phases of Inquiry

Kath Murdoch - Website link: http://www.kathmurdoch.com.au/index.php?id=22

Link to resources: Free to download by teachers to assist in personal, professional learning.

Possible action/s:

  • Decide on an Inquiry model to use 
  • Frame an inquiry to focus on - Frame an inquiry question as a starter

Māori Medium e-Learning Planning Framework - MMeLPF

Info about the MMeLPF can be found here: MMeLPF (TMoA PLD 2013 Group Page)

Possible action/s:

  • Plan to work through the MMeLPF dimensions and phases at a guided pace
  • Decide on focus areas

The Virtual Learning Network

  • What is the VLN and how can it help you?  
  • Tessa Gray has created an awesome POW TOON about the 'whats' and 'hows' of using the Virtual Learning Network - Check it out here: 



Possible action/s:

  • Register 
  • Create a Group space for your unit

Registration Help video:

This is a short screen recording showing and explaining how to register for the VLN:  

Tips to remember: 
  • Use your real name for your Display name - Allow viewers to make a virtual connection with you.
  • Use a school email address that ends with '.school.nz' to allow faster access to the Virtual Learning Network.  It is ok to use any email address but there will be a wait process to accept your registration.
  • You will be notified by email about two things - confirming your email address and acceptance.
  • Email Moana - moana.timoko@core-ed.org if you need some help
 Term 3 Hui dates
  • Possible dates: Moana Returning in Week 6




  • Moana Timoko

    To discuss:

    Limited ICT - What can we do with what you've got?

    Possible BeL inquiry - 

    How can we better communicate/engage with whānau using ICTs?

    Check out the links below:

    Connect with our communities with - and about - ICTs

    Parent/Whanau Communication, Inclusion & Understanding


    'Te āhua o ā tātou ākonga'

    The Graduate Profile - Whānau aspirations/ Students/Staff

    He aha ō tātou hiahia mō ngā tamariki o ngā ākomanga nei?

    Links: Te Marautanga o Aotearoa PLD 2013

  • Moana Timoko

    Te Whatitoka Rimu o te Whānau Kahurangi - Rimu tree - School Motto - Doorway....leading our babies from the Kohanga through our doorway - Given to the kura from the kohanga - Coming together as one - Significant tree of the rohe

    3 classes - Year 0-2/Year 2-4 & Year 5-7

    Ngā Whanaketanga - Still collating data

    National Stds - Bilingual class


    5 Kohanga Reo 

    Year of Kohanga - Enrolment requirement

    Karakia/Inoi - Prayer

  • Moana Timoko

    Email Davina for Tech/Infrastructure info

    Email survey questions to Davina

  • Moana Timoko

    Next meeting Week 9 - Tuesday - 24th of Sept

    Survey / MMeLPF positioning by Week 9

  • Moana Timoko

    Possible Survey questions:

    Some possible questions to consider:

    Q1.      Do you have internet access in your home?                 

    • Yes / No

     Q2.      Would you be interested in utilizing kura computers and/or internet on a regular scheduled basis?

    •  Yes / No

     Q3.      What types of Information Communicative Technology (ICT) tools do you use? 

    (Please circle and/or add your response)

     Laptop / Desktop computer / Mobile phone / Ipad / Ipod / Other: 

     Q4.      What do you use to connect with other people online?

    (Please circle and/or add your response)

     I don’t connect with people online / Facebook / Email / Skype / Twitter / Other: 

     Please share your email address here: ­­­­­_________________________________________

     Q5.      How aware are you of digital citizenship and cyber-safe practices?

    (Please circle and/or add your response)

     Very aware / Aware  / Not aware –Do not know about Digital Citizenship/Cyber-safety

    Queries: _________________________________________________


    Questions below created by Kathe Tawhiwhirangi-Perry


    How would you prefer to receive information from the kura?


    (a) a paper newsletter sent home

    (b) an attachment in an email

    (c) uploaded onto the school website

    (d) other...


    How would you prefer to be involved in conversations around the e-Learning used to enhance your child’s learning?


    (a) information sent home

    (b) face to face at parent interviews

    (c)  whānau hui - informal discussion over coffee and cake

    (d) student conferences

    (e) other...


    Would you be willing to be a part of a whānau group who can provide advice, support and guidance to the school about eLearning?


    Yes / No




    1. Why do you send your child to this school?

    2. What do you hope your child will achieve at this school?


    Would you like to learn alongside the teachers/students about;

    • protecting ourselves
    • respecting others

    when online?



    Yes / No



    How would you like to be part of the school’s e-learning community?

    Would you be interested in;

    (a) a regular e-Learning update from the school - update in the school pānui

    (b) face to face hui around the e-Learning status of the school - coffee and cake hui

    (c) online discussions about the e-Learning programme in the school - sharing your thoughts through an online tool

    (d) participating in an online meeting

    (e) other...


    Would you like to learn about technologies and how they can support your child’s learning?


    Yes / No



    What queries, concerns, wonderings do you have about this kaupapa - Blended e-Learning?