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Tahunanui School

Tahunanui School

Last updated by Emma Watts


At Tahunanui School we have been developing our AUP for our students, staff and community.  The AUP has grown from student discussions,  Lead E-Learning Teacher discussioon and professional development through the Whakatu Cluster (ULearn, Tony Ryan, Learning @ Schools, John Parson's & more). 

Dave Pearson (Support Lead E-Learning Teacher), myself and a small group of E-Learning Angels (Year 4 and 5 students) to begin to develop an AUP inline with our school values, the key competences and Netsafe's digital citizen and our previous cyber safety policy.   This is what we have come up so far.  Next steps; share with leadership team, staff, students, families and adapt!  Ideas from others most welcome :)