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  • Maryland Education Dept adopts UDL. In June 2012, the Maryland Department of Education proposed and the Maryland State Board of Education adopted regulations that require all local districts to use UDL in the development of curriculum and selection of instructional materials beginning in the 2014-2015 school year. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READING. RIGOROUS CRITIQUE.


  • Aiono Manu Faaea-Semeatu

    Malo lava,

    I wanted to share a video of Aaron Gardner http://goo.gl/ivMa98.

    It's great to see that he is pursuing his passion for Te Reo Māori Cool

  • Roxy Hickman

    Watch it on YouTube 

    What a great story, although it feels like it's just the start of a story. It would be interesting to follow him later down the track as he achieves his goals. 

  • Monika Kern

    Hi there,

    via a Google+ post I came across these resources about Google (associated) apps that are suitable for students with special education needs:

    Chrome AT Toolbox

    Accessible Google Apps

    Google Tools for Special Needs

    I will cross-post these in the GAFE group.

    Keep up the geat work! Monika

  • Roxy Hickman

    Hi Monika, 

    These are great resources that you have shared.

    I added one of the Chrome add-ons called Open Dyslexic to see what it does. It is a font that has a weighted bottom with the theory that it anchors the letters to the page. I'm finding that personally it makes skim reading much easier and quicker!

    Also I can see other benefits as it highlights in grey the area that you hover over, to keep the attention of your eye on that paragraph or line. It does seem to convert some of the text (of a certain format I guess) to Open Dyslexic but not all of it. 

    Here is a preview of what the above post looks like using Open Dyslexic:

    Open Dyslexic Font

    It highlighted the post in grey and then the paragraph I was hovering over. 

    I am looking forward to checking out more of the resources. 

  • Roxy Hickman

    I have just been into the Chrome AT Toolbox site. I found the Forum page had a wealth of ideas and examples for use within the classroom. Again many of these ideas can be used to support the learning of ALL students.