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The Volcanics eLearning Community is a cluster of 10 schools situated in the Central Plateau, Waikato, South Waikato and Bay of Plenty being two area and eight secondary schools. Below Chantelle describes how Volcanics works for her.

E-Volcanics By Chantelle Cobby

I’m Chantelle Cobby and I am a Year 10 student who studies Year 11 Economics through E-Volcanics.  E-Volcanics is an alternative way of learning that is done through distance learning.

I am in a small “class” with 5 other students from various places around NZ as well as a teacher who is from Thames.  Every week, my teacher assigns me work online, which is usually work from textbooks, worksheets online or occasionally activities, such as making a poster. 

I have four periods a week where I go to the library and complete the work assigned and once a week I have an hour long video conference.  During this, myself, the 5 other students and my teacher conference into each other (just like on Skype) so we can hear and see each other.  The video conferences are just like a normal classroom environment, in which we discuss what we’ve been learning throughout the week and ask or answer questions. 

As an NCEA subject, we also complete internal and external assessments.  For example, recently we completed our first internal assessment, in which my teacher invited the manager from Thames Toyota and we interviewed him as part of one of our video conferences. 

I really enjoy learning through E-Volcanics.  Although it is different to a normal classroom environment, in many ways, it is also very similar.  I have to be self-motivated, as it is up to me to complete my work throughout the week. 

It is also important to stay in good contact with my teacher as you would with a teacher in a normal classroom.  Different E-Volcanics classes have different ways of communication; however my class has a facebook page set up where we ask questions and help each other out.  My teacher and I also email regularly. 

E-Volcanics is a challenging but fun way of learning which I decided to take as two of my options were unavailable through school. I would recommend to students who are willing and able to study and learn independently. 

 - - -

Roll call: Melville High School, Ruapehu College,  Forest View High School, Tokoroa High School, Mangakino Area School, Rangitahi College, Trident High School, Whakatane High School, Tauhara College, Tongariro School.

The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

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