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Hui Sessions - Links to related resources. (to be added during and after the hui)


Re-conceptualising how you think about things

New spaces - Heather Eccles

  • Presentation
  • Are your modernizing or transforming your learning space?
  • Sometimes, you can only renovate your own cabin in the ship (your classroom)
  • Change the space, change the practice
  • Use your pedagogial values to underpin a vision for your learning space
Roxburgh Area School PPTXshared by Lynda Walsh-Pasco.

Universal Design for Learning - Chrissie Butler

Inclusive education - Lorraine Vickery

Who are we and where are we going? The benefits of appraisal - Madeline Campbell

ePortfolios - Telling our (digital) stories - our narratives - Leigh Hynes

Research we are doing - Vicki Hagenaars


Knowledge building / learning to learn - Tamara Yuill Proctor

Working with the community  - Rick Whalley and Leigh Hynes

Digital classrooms - Tara Fagan and Ross Alexander

  •  Link to the presentation for this session is here.

Pasifika giftedness - Nua and Geraint from St Pauls College, and Clint from Southern Cross Campus share their student achievements and pedagogies for working effectively with Pasifika students at their schools. 

Videos (available on EDtalks, VPLD and soon on VLN)

Image: 'TodaysArt 2011 - Gigloohttp://www.flickr.com/photos/8816624@N08/6186280267. Found on flickrcc.ne