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BYOD and Personalised Learning

Using BYOD has been a great vehicle to launch personalised learning.  


  • Simon Bell

    A good link to scoop.it page '21st Century Learning and ICT'.  


  • Callie Ballara

    I have been trialling BYOD in my year 2 classroom this year with some great successes and big challenges. It has amazed me how quickly students pick up how to use new apps and how they are so engaged and excited about their learning. Having their own devices means that they go home and share their learning with family. Some students continue or begin projects at home which they then bring back to school to share. This to me is them personalising their own learning. Some other ways I believe we are doing this are:

    • Recording ourselves read and then setting goals we need to work on ie: read with more expression, read louder.
    • Using a blog to share our work and ideas. Very important aspect of this is having an app in order to share quickly and easily.
    • Setting own term goals and identifying apps that can help them achieve these.
    • I suggest apps to parents that will help with particular learning needs ie: letter formation, spelling, sight words.
    • We use QR codes for many things ie: students write a self review of a piece of art they have done that gets turned into a QR code and attached to their art work. Parents and other students can scan and read.
    • Having their own devices means students can personalise them, creating their own avatars and screen backgrounds etc.
  • Simon Bell

    I pads have been a great tool to personalise learning.  We are finding that with BYOD (with iPads) students can personalise apps to their ability level.  We find the iPad great with the video and camera built in.  Students can use these features when loading their videos, pictures etc onto their Personalised Learning Plan (through googlesites).

    • Goal setting with parents and teachers become an important aspect of personalised learning.
    • Teachers have to think creatively about how they engage their students.  Project Based Learning can be a way to tap into the interest and needs of the students with still following an inquiry process.