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ICT PD EOY Milestone Report

ICT PD EOY Milestone Report

Last updated by Nicholas Lahey

ICT PD EOY Milestone Report by Nicholas Lahey Acting Director of ICT

For the last part of our ICT PD contract we brought Kevin Honeycutt into Papanui High School on 08/03/2013 to give a series of keynotes on integrating eLearning into the classroom.   Overall his visit was very well received and the staff left these talks feeling invigorated and enthusiastic about trying to make better use of the wireless network that is available to us.




The program ran as followed;


Group makeup

(who will be in the group

Approx Numbers in group

Type of session

(keynote, staff session, group work etc)

Content you want covered

8.30 – 10 am

Whole staff



Unlocking learning with today’s tools

10.30 – 11.30

Selection of staff

~ 30

Staff session

Hooking learners

12 – 1.00

Selection of staff


Staff session

Teaching wired learners

2 – 3.00pm

Music department

~ 10

Group work

Using Apps etc. in Music


As it turned out, the first keynote was so well received that we had well over the 30 mark for both of his next two presentations.

Here is are the briefs for the three keynotes delivered (please note that these descriptions come from Kevin Honeycutt’s website; kevinhoneycutt.org)

Unlocking learning with today’s tools

  • This keynote is a fun look at the exciting things that happen when educators step outside their boxes and try new tools.  It reinforces the importance of relationships while encouraging teachers to become learners again through positive examples of student success.

 Hooking learners

  • In this keynote I share free tools as well as stories about schools and classrooms that have used them to engage learners and learning.  I inspire educators to use exciting tools to reach even the reluctant learner.

Teaching wired learners

  • This keynote explores some of the tools educators could/should use to engage kids who’ve grown up online and texting.  We deal with issues around digital responsibility, mentoring and preparing kids for success in virtual space.

Anyone who has been lucky enough to hear Kevin speak will agree that you cannot help leaving his talks wanting to try and incorporate some of what he discussed.  And since then many teachers have tried to incorporate digital devices, apps and eLearning teaching techniques in the classroom.    

As a follow on from his visit, we held eLearning PD within departments where we looked at apps/programs that we could try and incorporate into our teaching.  These apps have subsequently been placed in a database that we hope will grow over time and can be used as a school wide resource.