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Blended eLiteracy - Examples from Teachers

Bridget Harrison's class at Kimi Ora Community School in Hastings is 100% Māori and Pasifika students with many having English as a second language. In this clip she shares the difference using digital stories has made to her AsTTle writing data. Students have made a years progress in two terms.

Improving student writing with digital stories.

Marion Croad and Natasha Jacobs from Irongate School in Hastings use a variety of approaches with their students to raise oral language, writing and reading levels.

Improving Oral Language and Writing with PhotoStory.

Using Digital Stories to improve student Literacy. 


Teaching Digital Stories using Tuakana-teina.

Helping students by modelling and getting students to articulate their writing processes

Check out this Gazette article 

Rebecca McGarry Gazette article


  • Michelle Robison

    Fabulous Mary-Anne. Thank you. I have shown one of these videos to one of my schools who was so motivated they used photostory on Thursday before Easter and was thrilled to bits with the students motivation and their results in creating stories. Well worth it.


  • Mary-Anne Murphy

    Wonderful to hear. These teachers have been courageous, committed and innovative in their practice; always keeping their "Eyes on the Prize"

  • Moana Timoko

    Love this Mary-Anne - Tino pai e hoa!  Thanks for sharing x

  • Mary-Anne Murphy

    Kia ora e hoa,

    Committed, courageous teachers and such ataahua tamariki  to work alongside.

    Mary-Anne :)

  • Catriona Pene

    Wow - what inspiring stories of teachers using technology to really make a difference to learners. Thanks to all the teachers and students who have bravely shared their stories.

  • SarahCA

    I work with an ESOL group and a similar idea is to use an app called Story Creator. The kids take photos and they type in their text and then record themselves reading it. This in turn creates a book which they can play back and listen to and also read themselves.

  • Mary-Anne Murphy

    Fantastic practice Sarah. Thanks for your sharing. Students just love hearing each others' (and their own) stories don't they! :) And as we know, behind every app and or e-tool are sound teaching pedogogies that provide a solid foundation for literacy development. 

    Another approach used is for teachers to have dual language presentations. In this way the students native language and identity is honoured.

  • Ngadia Jones

    I have been working on a Literature Review about blended learning in New Zealand Schools, these are fantastic real-life examples that I have been able to talk about and share. You are all inspiring teachers and I can see that your students are motivated and engaged in their learning! These examples really show how blended learning can have such a positive impact on student learning within our community. Thanks for sharing.