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The VLN provides access to:

The VLN provides access to:

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The VIRTUAL LEARNING NETWORK (VLN) provides access to:

The Learning Exchange

The Learning Exchange is a brokerage site that enables connections between teachers and learners; joining clusters, schools, groups and individuals who are learning through online and blended programmes.

The VLN supports the work of the Māori Medium Kura Network and the VLN Community (VLNC), and promotes the concept of classrooms without walls, where learners and educators have the flexibility to connect with each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The learning exchange comprises of five areas of collaboration: Programmes of learning, Projects, Professional learning, Participation, Parents & Whānau.

Virtual Learning Network Groups

VLN Groups is a social network for teachers, school leaders and facilitators to connect, share experiences, and learn together.

The main intent is to foster the co-construction, co-development, and the sharing of, best practice in blended learning environments.

The Learning Communities Online (LCO) Handbook

The LCO Handbook gives advice and guidance to kura & schools that choose to operate as a collaborative network and utilize electronic and face-to-face mediums, in order to enhance the learning outcomes and opportunities for students, their whānau and educators.

Check out the VLN folder under 'Group files' in the menu bar to the left OR click on the link here: VLN Folder.  This is a VLN information storage space containing power points and other relevant info.

Maromaku School

Maromaku School

Blended e-Learning at Maromaku School