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1. Why the Virtual Learning Network?

Why the VLN?

The video clip below was created by Tessa Gray - Online Facilitator, National Blended e-Learning PLD


Debbie would like to trial using the Virtual Learning Network as an online sharing platform for the staff.

Blended e-Learning Inquiry focus areas:

  • Using Ipads in the classroom to help target students with literacy
  • How can e-Learning support collaboration, communication, creativity and sharing with community?
There is a PLD session planned for Monday 25 March @ 3pm.
Debbie would like all staff to be registered on the VLN before this meeting.
Registration Instructions

  1. Go to www.vln.school.nz
  2. Click on 'Log in'
  3. Click on 'Register' in the drop down box
  4. Fill in all details and include info about Maromaku School in the 'Reason for joining' box
  5. Submit registration details
You will be notified via email to confirm your email address.
You will be welcomed with an email notifying you of your acceptance to the VLN (Possibly a 24 hour wait time).
  • Your display name should be your real name
  • Use a familiar password - one that you may be using for another space
  • If you experience any registration difficulties check out the Registering and Logging in Help Page 



Maromaku School

Maromaku School

Blended e-Learning at Maromaku School