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  • Conversations about BYOD and the e-Learning Planning Framework

Conversations about BYOD and the e-Learning Planning Framework

When chatting with schools recently, the following ideas, trends and aspects of BYOD were discussed. The resources have been sourced from the VLN Groups space (and beyond) and referenced according to the dimensions of the e-Learning Planning Framework.



Professional Learning:

  • Teachers will mostly likely require on-going PLD and a process to critically reflect on their progress through online reflections. This aligns nicely with Appraisal and e-learning goals for 2013 conversations already happening in the VLN groups.
  • We touched on how ideal it would be to have all teachers on the 'same page' when they talk to parents about the BYOD trials - to show unity and common understandings of the benefits of this type of e-learning. Presentations such as this one http://prezi.com/wn-yatm5vcp4/wheres-the-value-in-e-learning/ can help teachers come together in their understandings. 
  • Visiting other schools can also be useful, here are some recommendations: BYOD Schools to Visit.
  • If the iPad is the preffered device, then one person's journey in the VLN, where they learned about iPads and then trailed them with their junior class - is coming up LIVE on March 27th
  • For on-going professional learning support, RSS feed the Enabling e-Learning blog post - this is a  fortnightly round-up of the e-learning activity across the VLN, which also includes updates on mobile technologies as well as BYOD. 

Technologies and Infrastructure:

  • The following links can help with the dissemination of how iPads/mobile devices can be managed in a school:

What happens when you set them up?

How can you have multiple users accessing iTunes accounts?

What about the infrastructure set up?

What about security and management of the iPads?

File storage?

How are others getting on with their trials?

What would you load on to them?


Teaching and Learning:

What does good teaching and learning look like in schools?


Beyond the Classroom:

Parents may have issues about safety, equity, management: Equity devices in BYOD schools

Parents may wish to do their own research on the differences between devices EG: iPads in school vs androids, even though you have a preferred device - these can be found here: HowStuffWorks "iPad vsAndroid Tablets"

More ideas on presenting to parents, can be found here: BYOD in our Intermediate next year