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Māori Medium e-Learning Planning Framework

Plotting activity - using stickies - Where are you at as a kura within the 5 dimensions?

He aha ētahi nawe, pātai, uauatanga e pā ana ki te Ako-e?


  • What do you need to start?
  • Nothing - The MMeLPF tool will help you
  • SNUP / Ultra Fast Broadband connections
  • Visited the Enabling e-Learning Website on TKI - Ministry Initiatives
  • We (the BeL team) have experts to connect with directly about Technologies and Infrastructure
  • Queries about set up costs etc


  • Grow an awareness by using the MMeLPF....Switch focus to a realisation that this may be very well be a priority for our kura

Find out when your school is being connected here: http://ufbis.elearning.tki.org.nz/


  • Sharing the UPGRADE journey of their kura - Invited to start a discussion post about their journey
  • Using Google Drive


  • Discussion about sustainability - How do we share?

Frances Wharerahi

  • Use of Ultranet - Mentoring system in place - Sharing of assessment
  • Using tablets - 2 year payment plan
  • Before buying take it right back...what are your kura strategic goals etc?
  • What is the purpose?
  • Who is the audience?
  • Obviously to raise student achievement
  • becoming popular to have a range of devices
  • Being able to connect - enables global activity


  • Connectivity - pockets of connectivity
  • Using ipads
  • Improvise if faced with dilemnas
  • Set routines with the students
  • Example: Pānui tahi - capture the pages of a book - photograph...and use
  • Well equipped with e-Learning tools
  • Putea set aside for repairs/maintenance
  • Searching for grants to help with funding


  • Neat hearing the stories of this area
  • Continue these discussions via the VLN

Cribby - Where to now?  After positioning yourself on the MMeLPF

Example shared 

  • Where is the kura at? Establishing starting points
  • Discussion about positioning
  • Actions specified... followed by purpose
  • Where to next?
  • He rauemi, hei āwhina


  • MMeLPF Pilot schools 
  • Co-construct action plans 
  • How will we know when we're there? Co-constructed again


  • Reo of the MMeLPF - Some of it is hugely challenging 
  • 1/2 day session is good for the introduction
  • 1/2 day follow - up session
  • Walk away with an e-Learning Strategic Plan


  • Work smarter!  
  • A day total focus - should get you to the completion of the Strategic Plan 


  • Clarity about how the MMeLPF can be used across an Area School


  • The MMeLPF can be used across all groupings
  • Bring some cohesion - All staff, all together working with the MMeLPF
  • Changing hearts and minds
  • Creating mind shifts
  • Let our children come and play
  • Kaiako - Put on a parent hat


  • Involve the entire staff - RTMs, RTLBs