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Staff e-learning PLD Term 4 2012 @ Roskill

e-Learning PD – MRGS       Oct 24, 31, Nov 7, 14

Web 2.0

Want to enhance student learning using web 2.0 tools?

Learn to use Tools for collaboration 

Learn to use Tools for teacher or student presentations 

Tools you can integrate with moodle. 



Using iLearn – to enhance student learning

-          Upload resources and links

-          Create class groups/email lists

-          Forums

-          Pages

-          Assignments/ Hot Potato Quizzes/ Glossary/ Wikis

-          Embedding video / pictures/ animations


Digistore/ Digital learning pathways

1 create digistore logins

2 how to search digistore effectively, ie have a purpose in mind first

3 making the pathway

4 reasons for making pathway, homework task/ link to formative assessment

5 show examples done in science

6 assist teachers in making their pathways


Flipping the classroom – learning outside 9am to 3pm

Ideas to

-          Capture your lessons on video and/or audio

-          Using ScreenR

-          Creating links to the resources

-          Using Facebook, iLearn, emails etc.  for communication


Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning using MyPortfolio as well as iLearn, wallwisher, twitter, facebook and voice thread.


Shared Learning Spaces

Sharing the learning – student learning and Teacher Professional Learning

-        Discussing the rationale

-        A look at iLearn, Skydrive, My Portfolio, Facebook, Wikispaces

-        Teachers – sharing our learning - iLearn, VLN, My Portfolio, blogs, Twitter etc.

-        Ideas for using OneNote                                              WRS