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Bruce Walker, Principal of Rotorua Lakes High School, Reflects on the Cluster

Bruce Walker - Principal Rotorua Lakes High School and Co-Director of the Rotorua lakes High cluster:

My Observations on the Lessons Learned During our 3 Years in the ICTPD Cluster Contract.

The main lesson I learned is that you cannot assume how much people know about using ICT in teaching and learning, let alone their ability or comfort when using IT hardware and software. Like all teaching situations differentiation and scaffolding are essential strategies needed to move staff along the continuum of proficiency in using ICT in their teaching strategies and practices.

The other major lesson I learned is the realisation that using ICT for day to day pedagogical purposes is on-going and something that needs to be encouraged over time through PD, up to date and fast infrastructure as well as day to day support for those who need it. As a school our involvement in the ICTPD cluster has opened doors for us and from 2013 we will need to use our strategic plan and annual targets to ensure we continue moving forward as a staff in terms of our knowledge and willingness to use ICT’s in out teaching and management processes.

My thanks to my colleagues, fellow cluster principals and the cluster facilitators.

Rotorua Lakes High School

Rotorua Lakes High School

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