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successful digital citizens (goal 1)


  • Andrea

    The following two pdf's are examples of the students at Fairlie Primary School communicating with each other and their teachers using the school's ultranet.


    Room 1 messages.pdf

    ultranet home page.pdf

  • Andrea

    Junior Primary UA.pdf  

    Primary&Intermediate UA.pdf  


    All students have to read and sign an internet agreement before they are allowed to use the schools computers and have access to the internet.  These forms will be revieved as part of our 3 year review cycle.

  • Andrea

    Below is a brief reflection from the year six teacher about using Hector's world as her tool for teaching cybersafety.  Hector's world is used from year 1  to year 6 at Fairlie Primary School.


    "Hectors world was good for the children they really enjoyed watching it and it got the message across. For my class though, I think that they thought that it was a wee bit immature for them.  It did get the message across though so I thought it worked. 


    Anna Evans - Room 6 teacher"

  • Andrea

    Teddy bear picnic story.pdf 


    The Year 1's photostory based on the Teddy Bear picnic song.  The students used the digital camera's, posed the bears and selected the photos for the finished electronic story.

  • Andrea

    angela milestone.pdf

    The reflective summary of Fairlie's Year five teacher about using e-learning to teaching sentence and paragraph comprehension.