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Capability of teachers (goal 3)

Capability of teachers (goal 3)

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    Below are the flipcharts used by the senior school to teach reading comprehension, using the interactive whiteboard and the book Hatchett as the vehicle to expand the children's understanding of the novel.  The flipchart encourages discussions, sharing of knowledge, an understanding of the story and empathy with the character.


    room 6.flipchart




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    interactive board - principal.pdf


    Our Acting Principal demonstrating and teaching new skills and knowledge around the interactive white board so that staff can effectively use the boards in their everyday teaching.

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    Below is an example of a year 1 student using a webcam to record his reading of text.  Afterwards the student and teacher sits down and through how he has read and what his next steps are.  Sometimes the video is used with the childs permission as a whole class teaching tool and to create discussions.  With the use of ultranet within the school, it also means that it can be posted in the students profile for parents to view and comment on as well.

    The school has recently purchased 'talking tins' which can be used in a similar manner, so the students can reflect on their own reading skills in day to day classroom time.



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    Teddy bear picnic story.pdf 

    The Year one students bought in Teddy Bears to recreate the song Teddy Bear's picnic in a powerpoint/photostory.  The purpose of this was to have some reading material available in their virtual classroom on Ultranet, that they could access from home and share with their parents and family.  The students also took most of the photos for the story and chose which photos went where.

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    angela milestone.pdf


    The reflective summary of a year five class using e-learning to improve sentence and paragraph comprehension.

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    anna milestone.pdf

    Reflective summary from a year 6 class using e-learning to improve writing.