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Mount Roskill Grammar Techxperts

Mount Roskill Grammar Techxperts

Last updated by Fiona Burns

I was inspired by a session I attended at a Learning in Schools Conference in 2010 where a Keynote Speaker enthused about the work of the Wellington Girls College Tech Angel Programme. Having inquired into using Web 2.0 tools for teaching and learning over the past two years, I recognised the value of introducing a similar programme at Mount Rosill Grammar. A proposal was given to the MRGS Senior Management Team outlining how we could harness the skills of student experts in the use of iLearn and other eLearning tools and the programme was launched.

The proposal included the following rationale.

  • We need to take steps to prepare for the digital global age.
  • We have experts within our student body already – some have had a leadership role in the sphere of using eLearning tools since primary school.
  • It would further empower students to be given the opportunity to support other students and teachers at secondary school.
  • This role would develop key competencies within the individual students such as giving them an opportunity to develop leadership and community service skills.

Developments to date:

  • Students volunteered to meet at lunchtimes to work together with myself and others from the ELearning Lead Team.
  • Students have been introduced to the staff.
  • A means of contacting the techxperts for assistance has been set up for both the staff and students.
  • Students have given staff assistance over the last two weeks where staff have worked together on using Web 2.0 tools for teaching and learning.
  • Early in 2013 the students will make themselves known to the wider school body at an assembly and the techxperts will be available to help staff and students across the whole of Mount Roskill Grammar School.