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Reflective Summary - Sally

Year Level: Year 3 to Year 6 at first then I opened this up to the whole school.


  • To become more familiar with what a blog is and how to set one up.
  • To create a blog that supports my Maths Programme.

The Rationale:

  • I was approached by parents who wanted to know what and how they could support their child in a positive way at home.
  • The blog catered for a range of levels and reinforced maths strategies that were being taught at school.

What did I do:

  • attended L@S with the purpose of learning more about blogs, attended relevant classes.
  • Set up a class blog.
  • Went to bloggers (A fortnightly hands on sharing time, set up by Gina)
  • Re-set my blog after having a go and learning more from peers.
  • Opened up the blog and sent the address out to all of my Maths groups.

What happened:

  • Gave all children the opportunity to go and test the blog.
  • Children came in talking about how they were going on the links.
  • As said by one ‘Tis so cool’ 
  • Parents came in and said their scores and shared positives about the blog and discussed how it has helped them to understand their child around maths.
  • Children were enthusiastic to compete against others, me and their parents.
  • Children started to make links with activities and strategies that I had taught them and how they linked in with other games and real life situations.
  • Children started to look for sites themselves for me to put on the blog.

What did I learn:

  • I know how to set up a blog. (I have also started a Kapahaka blog after learning from this one)
  • How much technology can really open doors to the community.