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My learning so far……….

As a result of attending Learning in Schools in January of 2012 and observing the fun being had by some attendees I purchased an IPod while away. Throughout this year Gina has run several appsters meetings where those interested got together and discussed and downloaded apps for their IPods. I spent a very relaxing Saturday a few weeks ago updating and downloading a new lots of apps onto the IPod. These apps include a varied range, including spelling and basic facts apps through to music making apps using guitars and piano keyboards (these ones are very popular amongst the boys in the classroom).

The introduction of the IPod into the classroom setting has proved to be very motivating for all the students. Student s who were always slow to start and complete work are now motivated to complete their work so they can have their turn on the IPod so much so that the IPod requires charging after each school block. All the students are willing to wait to take their turn, there is no Oh you had it for longer or you had it yesterday comments. Each student has a ten minute slot in which they can use any of the apps they wish. The timer is put on and when it goes they give the IPod to the next student whose name is on the board.

The future…………

I intend to keep replacing and changing the apps to assist with keeping the children interested, engaged and motivated. A class set of IPods would be great to have available so if I wanted to teach music using the IPod (the guitar or piano apps only) everyone would be able to follow and be on the same page. 


Some comments from the children include – “yes its my turn now”, “Cool I can’t wait to play the guitar again”



  • Gina Kitchen

    Hi Raewyn


    Thank you for dropping this onto the T Drive. It is gratifying to read about teacher growth and new or changed classroom programmes following professional development opportunities, and even more so when a group of teachers then get together of their own accord to share ideas (apps) and grow and learn together. The “crown jewels” are when this is then taken into the classroom and used to further engage and motivate our students and empower them further in their own learning.


    I also appreciate your sharing the class Blogging experiences. While not as successful as the iPod experience, you have reflected on why this has been the case and on the things that need to be done to enhance this project.

    Hang in there and keep up the good work.


    Morningside School Principal