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TMoA Survey Ideas - Connecting online


Information below sourced from the VLN:

Questions below are sourced from a shared google doc from the first link above.


Questions to ask to gauge parental involvement

Over-arching question will depend on what you aiming to achieve? 
(e.g. I want to have most parents commenting on a blog and discussing the learning with their students; I want the parents to read it regularly.)

...then the questions will aim to find out how close you are to that goal......

Tip: closed questions/tick boxes are more likely to get parents’ responses. You can add open questions afterwards:-)

Do you have a working computer in your home?

Do you use a web-capable mobile phone? OR What types of technoloogy tools do you use? Mobile/laptop/PC etc.....

Do you have internet on in your home?

How fast is the internet if you do have it? - a continuum maybe

What would you like to be more informed about about your child’s on line learning?

What do you use to connect with other people on line
Facebook, email, Twitter, Skype something else???

How would you like to connect with your child’s class on line?

What would you like more of?

What would you like less of?

How can we help you ‘making contact’ with the school a worthwhile and effective experience?

How can we help you learn how to use technology confidently and effectively?  [this sounds like they can’t already...]  OR What support would you like to develop your knowledge of technology further?

How aware are you of digital citizenship and cybersafe practices at home?


  • Moana Timoko

    Check out this discussion:

    Connect with our communities with - and about - ICTs

    This is a discussion about:

    Exploring ways to make connections using different technologies and the benefits provided by those connections.

    Check it out by clicking on the green link.

  • Moana Timoko

    Survey example below - Questionnaire introduction was co-constructed / worked on collaboratively with a whānau member and the principal - related to the kura charter and distributed.  This survey was initiated by a whānau member who is keen to assist the kura with the implementation of Ako-e in to the Marautanga-ā-kura (School Based Curriculum).

    “Ngātokimatawhaorua was the double-hulled waka Nukutawhiti sailed to Aotearoa.  To make the journey, he re-adzed and remodeled the original Matawhaorua Kupe sailed to Aotearoa to make it faster and more compatible with Mamari, the newer waka to which it was lashed.

    Constructed out of old and new components, our kaupapa is like Ngātokimatawhaorua.  It is a matawhaorua that has been remodeled, rebuilt and lashed together to give it the strength, durability and stability needed to sail and carry the kaupapa through the challenges of the journey that lies ahead of us”.

    (Excerpt from the Kura Charter2012 -2014)

    We need whānau to help steer our waka. 

    We value your ideas, contributions and support. 

    We want to share information about what we are doing at Te Kura. 

    We want to share information about the achievements of your child/children. 

    We are currently exploring ideas to communicate on a regular basis via different online forums.  

    Please answer the following questions and ask your child to return this form as soon as possible.



    Do you have internet access in your home?                 

    Yes / No


    Would you be interested in utilizing kura computers and/or internet on a regular scheduled basis?

    Yes / No


    What types of Information Communicative Technology (ICT) tools do you use? 

    (Please circle and/or add your response)

    Laptop / Desktop computer / Mobile phone / Ipad / Ipod

    Other: ___________________________________________________


    What do you use to connect with other people online?

    (Please circle and/or add your response)

     I don’t connect with people online / Facebook / Email / Skype / Twitter       

    Other: ___________________________________________________


    How aware are you of digital citizenship and cyber-safe practices?

    (Please circle and/or add your response)

    Very aware / Aware  / Not aware –Do not know about Digital Citizenship/Cyber-safety

    Queries: _________________________________________________