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more from Sophie

more from Sophie

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Teaching Inquiry


Participating in strategic planning with SMT and IT consultants. A particular focus on aligning thinking with the NZC for teaching and learning. Also using the e-learning planning framework and adapting it to the unique needs and characteristics of MRGS.

We created a Roskill-version of the e-Learning Planning Framework.

The Framework was a fantastic resource to help up fashion our plan and vision.



Leading the e-Lead team in collaboration with support from external expertise who bring new perspectives, but with a Roskill flavour and high levels of team buy-in.


So many great ideas – and they have been shared here in the VLN

Provide PLD to staff through the expertise of the e-learning Lead team.

Departments pursued their e-learning goals

Integrating my e-learning into everyday teaching practice with my classes and maths department colleagues.

In the my Maths classroom: Integrating use of IWB, Web resources, Interactive applets, Graphical Calculators, Excel, Graphing Software, Statistics Software, Video clips.

Modelling use of iLearn LMS to access resources

Using Forums, email, Moodle assignment activities

Using e-learning with relevant off-line activities.

Ongoing development of Maths department digital resources.