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He tauira

Te MangoroaIs a portal to stories, reports, statistics, and reviews from across TKI and other sites that reflect effective practices to support Māori learners to achieve education success as Māori. Te Mangōroa contains practical illustrations of what Ka Hikitia- Managing for Success means for teaching and learning. These examples come from a wide range of schools and offer a wide range of examples of where they were at, what approaches they used to get started, what worked and what didn’t, and how they measured their success.

Read the report shared by Helena Baker principal of Te Kura o Tākaro, a decile 1 full primary for Year 0 to 8 students in Highbury, Palmerston North. The school enjoys the support of a loyal and established whānau and community.

In her report, Helena writes about how she worked with the community on the curriculum design process.

Find the report here: Shaping a Marautanga-ā-Kura

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