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Fiona Burns AHOD English Elearning Enthusiast

I have archived my Teaching as Inquiry for 2012 using MyPortfolio.

My reflection shares my inquiry including strategies for using MyPortfolio and other Web 2.0 tools for collaborative learning, role play and feedback.

Follow this link to view.

In October I presented at ULearn 2012; Active Learning Through Collaboration

This workshop looked at how online learning environments such as blogs, ePortfolios and other ICT software can give students ownership of their learning and at the same time allow them to cognitively engage with other students to critically enhance their understanding of the networked world around them.

My teaching as inquiry informed the development of this workshop.

The workshop materials are available on the wiki.  Follow this link.

Mt Roskill Grammar Techxperts: A project for 2012 and beyond.