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Enner Glynn School

Here is a quick look at what we have nutted out so far...


  • Suzie Vesper

    This looks to be a really well thought out and usable digital citizen profile. Have you started using it with students yet?

  • Isaac Day

    Not yet Suzie.  We have had a group of us working on this to fit it within our schools learning lenses and relate it to our vision and purpose.  We have to get it into a 'learner friendly format' (to do this, we will require the learners help) and then take it to all of the teachers and staff too. Smile

  • Enabling e-Learning

    Thanks, for sharing this, Isaac. As well as sharing the draft here, the process by which you are developing this, modelling collaborative, co-constructed practices, is going to be of real value to people. I'm following this with interest (so no pressureWink

  • Fastpaddy

    Thank-you for sharing this with us Isaac. Digital citizenship is so important, and being able to say to teachers - "this is what a good digital citizen looks like" is so helpful

  • Isaac Day

    No worries.  Not the final version yet of course, but we have some staff working on it to improve it and make it easy for the students and staff to teach and reinforce.


  • Enabling e-Learning

    I have profiled your work in this week's eLearning Round-up | 18 July 2011 > http://bit.ly/q5RDTv - thanks for sharing your expertise and experiences. Koia kei a koe!Laughing


  • Emma Watts

    Hi Isaac.  Like the way that your team have linked your digital profile to your school's learning lenses.  At Tahunanui we linked ours to our school values.  We worked with a small group of tech-angels (Yr4/5 students) to develop our policy.  Your profile has clear links to the New Zealand Curriulum, is linked to your schoool ethos and can be used when students are online or in the 'real world'!  Great work.  I look forward to sharing further ideas at the next lead teacher share.