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Diving into the e-Learning Planning Framework @ Ulearn

From your own school perspective, what is... 

  • Working well in terms of e-learning?
  • How do you know?
  • How did you decide what to focus on or prioritise in 2012?

Introduce the e-Learning Planning Framework


3. Introduction of e-Learning Planning Framework (video of Karen talking) elaboration of context, development and history of the eLPF - PPT presentation.



Using the e-Learning Planning Framework...


Let's dive into a print out of the e-Learning Planning Framework.pdf (PDF, 809.31 kB) and do some preliminary self mapping - using coloured highlighters and stickies. For more detailed self-mapping, you can use surveys such as:

Jennifer Holland shared her Leadership Questionnaire:  http://bit.ly/TwSlYe and Teachers Questionnaire:  http://bit.ly/Niuj0G

Resources to support diving into the framework include:



Suzie Vesper has developed templates to structure discussion..and says that these sheets have been designed as a way of recording progress against the e-Learning Planning Framework.  There are three sheets:  



How do we know where we're going?

mutiple literacies.png


Pushing the boundaries...

A video A Day Made of Glass 2 can help push our realms of understanding - in terms of technological advancements and envisioning a future in learning.


Granular planning...


Resources such as: the Registered Teacher Criteria wikiGoogle spreadsheet (which aligns the Registered Teacher Criteria outcomes with the eLPF) can also help to map specific e-learning goals using the concentric circle template. Action plan template An action plan template can also help to map a way forward, once you decide on key areas to focus on from the framework.

If you have anything more to add, please feel free to post your comments below Smile



Other useful resources include..