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Using "more" of Google search to aid reading and research

Did you know about all the features of Google search, or are you just a front pager?  Unfortunately since my last update, more of the features seem to have disappeared - they have hidden the advanced search button in the cog tool, but still some worthwhile tools.  

For advanced search, click on the cog tool on the right.

Advanced search

To tailor a general search go to http://google.co.nz enter your keyword search and then check out Search tools.

Search tools

Clicking on the icon gives you more options:

The "All results" drop down menu allows you to select from new or previously visited pages

Reading level

or to select a basic, intermediate or advanced reading level - clicking on the level you want moves that material to the top of the list and shows the percentage that fall into that category.  Wikipedia moves down the list and more visual sites appear.

Basic reading level

You can also search by a particular time - handy for current events information

By time

or by location - handy when looking for local news, local places of interest or somewhere to eat out that night.

Search by location

You can search specifically for images, videos, news and maps

Images, videos, news and maps

or More apps or books

More apps or books 

Google is now also available in te reo

In Maori (te reo)