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What if...

What if...

Last updated by Joy Kitt

What if worms were a meter long?  Imagine trying to get that on your fishing hook?  Well - in NZ we do have worms that long!   The Science Learning Hub has a new science story about the native earthworms of NZ.  It includes information about our giant worm.  There are also worms that glow in the dark and an explanation of how our native worms have been here since the cretaceous period so they are unique in the world!  

Finding out more about earthworms is a great way to practice your observational skills. Observing is more than just looking - it is about noting details, using all the senses, collecting information and comparing what you see with what you have seen before.  What tools have you got that can help you observe better, add detail, collect your observations?


Up, Up and Away!!

What if you really could lift a house with balloons?  Did you see Pixar's film "Up"? There are some guys who did and they wanted to have a go to see if it could really work - a house lifted by balloons!

Use Nature of Science to consider the ideas:

Understanding - how do balloons work?  what are they made of? Why those materials? What are balloons used for?  What can you do with balloons?

Investigating: What can you find out?  How many balloons does it take to lift your pencil? How many different size balloons are available? Can you get hold of some helium? Who can help? (Try the hire centre...!)  What maths skills are you going to need to work out how many balloons it would take to lift a pencil, a book, an apple, your bag, you?

Communicating: How would you explain what you have found out - how can you share what you know now?

Participating and contributing: What uses could balloon lifters be put to? What do you think?