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VLNCommunity Meetings information

The Virtual Learning Network Community Monthly Meeting
(for 2016 will be the second Tuesday of every month)

Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm - Details to join:

  • Via Video Conference - Course ID # 3184401 Password #112016

  • By Audio 0800 693 638 - (follow the voice prompts) Course ID # 3184401 Password #112016

  • By Hangout -  Please request if required
  • Web bridging by request

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General format
Appoint Meeting Chair:
Note Apologies:
Notes: Notes folder in the VLNC Google community - requires login to edit

Current Agenda discussions usually include:

  • Feedback from community, course requirements etc
  • VLNC profile revision update
    Moving into the Future of VLNC doc is available for comments
  • VLA awards process discussion
  • other business...  (open for suggestions)

The Council meetings will be on the second Thursday of the month at 3.30pm (please note the meetings are open but require an invite from the VLNC Chairperson Carolyn Alexander-Bennett  carolyn.bennett@farnet.school.nz )

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Notes from previous meetings 2015 and before... 

Meeting Notes from the previous years, as well as community documents can be accessed through the VLNC Community folder

2015 AGM meeting documents and notes can be found there also

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>> Proposed Dates for VLNC Meetings 2016 VLNCommunity of Schools first date (VLNC Council in Brackets)


Tuesday - 9th February (11th February Postponed new date TBA)

Tuesday - 8th March (10th March)

April Meeting is the AGM & working groups - details are available via RSVP to carolyn.bennett@farnet.school.nz



Tuesday - 10th May (12th May)

Tuesday - 7th June (9th June)

Tuesday -  5th July (7th July)



Tuesday - 9th August (11th August)

Tuesday - 13th September (15th September)



Tuesday - 11th October (13th October)

Tuesday - 8th November (10th November)

Tuesday - 13th December (15th (December)

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VLNC AGM Folder includes the AGM Minutes: (in the shared folder on Google)


  • Michael Barbour

    Just wondering if there is a way to attend the monthly meetings other than by using the VC?  I don't think I'd be able to make the May one, but it would be nice to get more involved with the group from over here in North America is that was possible.  So I was just curious if there was a way for someone like me to connect in without the VC equipment.


  • vicki

    Morena Micheal

    You can also join via Audio only
    - BUT  it is an NZ landline number to ring as the alternative to the internal free call to the bridge ( the 0800 ) Dial:  +64 4 495 1378 - using the above PIN

    If you wished to schedule attendance a meeting could be set up and run through Adobe Connect which will allow video and audio (as well as many other online classroom tools)

    OR, it is not the same as hearing and engaging with the conversation but the notes are a live document created during the meeting(so this time you might like to join us that way and we could plan a meeting that will allow for your future attendance

    vicki :)



  • Michael Barbour

    No need to do something special for me.  I just have fallen out of contact with the VLN-C since we tried to get that common student survey (something I plan to return to once I get settled in my new position).  I thought if I could be a fly on the wall of these sessions, it might be a good way to re-connect.  I may try the call in via Skype for the June meeting (if folks don't mind).

  • Darren

    Why not use the Polycom CMA software that hooks into the bridge Michael?

    By the way I am just getting feedback from everyone on a proposed national survey.

  • Michael Barbour

    Darren, I'd be glad to use it if you could explain how?

    Did I send you the last draft that I had based on the compilation of the surveys that all of the different clusters sent to me?

  • Ken Pullar

    We could look at moving the meetings across to Google Hangout

  • Michael Barbour

    Ken, no need to make special accommodations just for me.  If this is something that you've been thinking about doing in general, then if allowing me to attend gives you that final push - great!  But if the VC is the way that you were planning to go, then stay with the VC.  The meetings are normally 11:30pm my time, so my attending any session may be slim.  But I was going to make a concerned effort to attend the June or July ones if I was home (i.e., not traveling).

  • Eddie Reisch

    I would like a discussion on the expert exchange concept

  • vicki

    Hey Eddie

    i have done this for you now (everyone) but please feel free to add things to the agenda at any stage

    anything that is not covered in the time can move to the next meeting or the discussion can be continued in the google space as well :)

  • Anton

    How many are going to be in the Google Hangout? I might try that if it is going ahead. Send and invite my way :)

  • Janak

    Cannot get in via Audio, service not available i am being told!!!

The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

The Virtual Learning Network Community (VLNC) is a network of school clusters who collaborate to provide access to curriculum and learning opportunities for students through online learning.