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Principal Update Milestone 5 Arthur Miller School

Teachers are continuing their e learning development enthusiastically this year and we have been appreciative of the help and support of both facilitators John Phelps and Liz Fitzsimmons, and the collegial nature of the other cluster schools.

Embedded in practice schoolwide as a result of the IT contract.

  • Blogging continues in each class as a way of sharing student learning with parents and whanau overseas.  Blogs are embedded in teacher practice for all classes.  
  • All teachers are using an e-portfolio to make “reflective comments” about their e learning goals.  Time before each staff meeting has been allocated so teachers can complete their blog post. The rationale behind this is to encourage teachers to become familiar with using and managing a personal e portfolio so when  we do  introduce them to  students (a mid-term goal), the learning curve and natural anxiety will be minimised.  Three questions are covered in each blog post  –
    • What am I doing to promote my goal(s)?
    • What has been successful and challenging?
    • What is my next step?

New for us in 2012 as a result of the IT contract

  • Trialling of student eportfolios in two classes in different ways.  Students in one class have entered their Term 1 learning goals and will make reflective comments and include multi- media evidence on progress towards these goals.  This will contribute to the term 2-3 report to parents. The other teacher is using the e portfolio as an on line learning area for the more able readers in the class.
  • Three teachers are introducing podcasting with their children as a result of teacher development with our facilitator Liz Fitzsimmons and our on site lead teacher Terry Maloney.
  • Introduction of E Asstle across the senior team for all students in reading gives authentic meaning to “student voice” – the learning pathways provide a clear learning journey and illustrate next steps for  individual students. This technology contributes to personalising the learning of students in Year 5 & 6. 
  • Sandy Anderson  9.5.12