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Reflection on overall teacher progress

Reflection on overall teacher progress


How far do you think you have come professionally in terms of ICT since being a part of the cluster?


Teacher 1

Using I.C.T. more , intergrating more























Teacher 2

New to school but strong I.C.T. Knowledge















Teacher 3

New to school but I.C.T. confident


















Teacher 4

Part of I.C.T. contract year2 on.









What are you currently doing with eLearning and ICT in your classrooms?





Working towards Raw Awards

Using the camera lots  - events that happen, speeches

Using easy speak in reading

Intergrated I.C.T. into planning

Using the Mimio for brainstorming at beginning
of topic, maths activities , musicial stories

PM reader programme used in reading and I.C.T.
tools as part of rotation.

Placing photos and info onto the school website

Using the web to research information for topics


 Class has commented on  blogs

Use camera for trips & special events - print out and record.

Intergrate websites and interative sites to planning

Mimio used to sign in and as rotation for maths.

Use study ladder and PM reading programme.

On school website have added photos and information

Use internet to research new ideas and find new resources.


Have student blog where students as class and individuals write and comment on blogs.

Use camera for class trips, Photopeach for blog slideshows and on blogs

Use easi speak for trips, beginning on speeches

Have placed photos and information on school website

Use mimio as part of rotation

Use study ladder and internet baed activities

Constant website research -TED talks etc as well as looking for classroom applications




 Use of camera, flipvideo & easi speak in class for  special events, recording evidence of learning, speeches

Place information on school website - slideshow and information


Class Wiki created and Blog.

Use mimio in rotation for maths, brainstorming, template for writing,timer etc

Websites included in planning and daily activities such as News-kiwikids news

research into ipads and use of.
















Where would you like to go next?

Your next steps in your professional/personal learning in ICT.





-look at more websites, use the tools we have  in rotations, become more familiar with the ipads




















Use internet to find more resources and activitis to add to my planning


add the ipads to everyday planning














Use internet to find more resources and activitis to add to my planning


add the ipads to everyday planning
















 Add ipads in to everyday

Continue a system that works in our school to have ipads used productivily for most time

Internet research on philosphy for ipads and I.C.T in classroom

Change class environment

More use of mimio








Your next steps for using ICT in your classroom.






Use the mimio more
Use web site in class more
Use more website in class and as part of

Have I.C.T. in reading put more in maths
Learn to use the ipads














Use I.C.T. more

train students more

use the web more and intergrate I.C.T. into rotations more

Use mimio templates

use ipads in class











Use ipads in class more

more posting as class and individuals

Mimio  - increase use of.

Train students to be mentors- Tech Angels













ipads in class

monitors running independently

Tech angels working across the school.

Mimio used well everyday

Any other thoughts



































































ipads have been a great investment and are working well with all teachers deciding together on how to manage and applications to us.