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Educamp Tai Tokerau 2012

On Saturday, I attended Educamp 2012, held at St Francis Xavier school.  What a fabulous day this was!

Educamp is an 'unconference', where the workshops / discussions etc are based upon the needs of the people who come.  Teachers attend with areas of interest and areas of expertise they are willing to share.  

I spent the day absorbing knowledge - support for my blog, fabulous learning apps for my classroom, using augmented reality and QR codes, networking with local teachers and those who travelled from Hamilton.  I spent the day being INSPIRED!  I shared a little of my own knowledge, but left educamp at the end of the day with hundreds of new ideas, and clear directions for my blog and my classroom iPad/iPod use.  I also left with new ideas to share at the next Appsters meeting, and have an idea for a new Morningside interest group - the ARQR team!  (Augmented Reality/QR codes).

I have now organised my blogs into labels so parents can locate the blog entries that directly relate to their child - the 'blogfolio' idea put forward by Rachel Boyd and her blog.  This way, my blog will start to become not just a 'brag' site, but a site that informs the parent of the vast range of learning their child is doing at school - or that is the intention!  

Many thanks to the organisers of the day - I will definitely be there next year!

One thing to note - the topics of the day were ones that I was interested in, but some even challenged me.  This was perhaps not the place to take the new ICT users on your staff, but a place to inspire those who are confident trying new things and are ready to share their own experiences as well.