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Interest Groups at Morningside - the Appsters; the Blog Squad

We have trialled a new approach to PD this year, based on the needs and interests of the staff and students.  The idea of creating user groups grew out of staffroom discussions, with the realisation that other teachers in the school were interested in similar areas.  This way, all teachers can in the groups can offer each other support, motivation, suggest ways to overcome challenges, and seek help and inspiration.  

The first user group was the 'Blog Squad' - a group of teachers interested in beginning their own classroom blogs.  The first meeting of the blog squad involved the setting up of a blog and how to post - the basics.  The idea was that teachers established a blog and went away to see if they could make it work in the classroom.  The blog squad will meet again in Term Two to see how these blogs have fared, and to decide where to next.  Some ideas for the blog squad to work on are - what to blog, when to blog, getting parents to comment, how to involve the students...

Here are the links to our school blogs so far...






The second user group established this term was the "Appsters" - a group of teachers using or keen to use iPods or iPads in the classroom.  This was essentially an 'app sharing' time, where apps were shared, with examples of how these apps could be used in the classroom.  

This was very successful, and the date for the next Appsters meeting has been set.  Some teachers have gathered apps from other schools and teachers, and are very keen to share them!  Others have been using some apps successfully and are excited to share their results.