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Term 1 'Wonderfuls' Reflection

ICT Pedagogy.

This term has got off to a steady start with ICT. It has been a time of revision and going over the basics for some students and a chance for others to lead the class by showing their ICT expertise. As always with a group of these year levels (year 4-5) there is a range of ability. I have found that some students pick up the sequence and order necessary to undergo a range of ICT tasks and are confident with problem solving and finding out the scope within an application. Others, in contrast, find even switching the computer on a challenge and will wait way too patiently for help. At first my response was to put these less confident souls with those who were able. After all we are very good with 'sharing' in Room 1.  I found that this resulted in even more sitting back and letting others take over and less hands on 'giving it a go' than ever by certain students. I now throw all of the less confident in at the deep end by working with each other in order that they at least attempt to problem solve on their own. This has resulted in genuine questions at the time of need and real progress by these students.

The best learning takes place 'just in time'. For example if we are learning how to embed a link from a website into a flipchart ( a Room 1 speciality) despite my most skillful 'teaching' and well prepared instructions half the class go on a mental holiday and haven't a clue what I just said. So now we bring students to the learning space when they are in fact about to try a new technique or 'just in time'. This makes for more focussed discussion and exploration of the scope of what we are doing. Because many students are talented in the area of ICT and can be very good at explaining to their peers these mini workshops have provided students with a venue for displaying and consolidating their learning.

P.S) Thanks for correcting my spelling mistakes Morningside.



  • Gina Kitchen

    Jo, the idea of 'just in time' learning in regards to ICT has really grown in our school over the past three years.  I also agree with what you have said about those less confident ones.  One of the goals for me in my classroom is fostering that problem-solving, intuitive behaviour that you see confident users of ICT doing all the time.