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Term 1, 2012

As a bonding activity in Term One the children in my class were taught to use digital camera's. Their end goal being that they would take a picture of another student for their year book photo.

I had planned a series of lessons on each of the camera fuctions that they would have to use, and activities to go with each of them.

However after a short trial I realised that a structured lesson on the skills would not hold the children's attention. After a simple safety lesson I let the kids have free reign, taking photos and finding out the fuctions for themselves through trial and error.

I discovered that my main job with these children was to be a facilitator of their learning, and was availible to help answer questions and show individual children how to do some skills if they didn't know how.

The actvity went well, and in the end, without too much help (or patience, ha ha) on my part the children each took a fairly professional photo of their partner. This activity allowed children the opportunity to develop exploration, communication, team building, and camera skills 


  • Joanne Higgins

    What a cool way to get yearbook photos or any other portrait type photos taken. I totally get the teacher as facilitator approach, less hui more doey for our guys.