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Room 7 Term 1 2012 Reflection

My goal for this term was to set up use of the C.O.W as an integral part of the classroom activities rather than used as a stand alone/whole class activity.

My intention was to teach the students how to access certain programmes independently. This will then provide activities on the C.O.W that could be used as part of a rotation or task board rather than a whole class lesson.  Obviously in order to do this though there needed to be considerable time spent as a whole class re-learning how to switch on the computers, access programmes that were loaded (websites etc) or manipulate tools such as Publisher or Word. 

I had access to the C.O.W twice a week, on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, and so I decided to rotate the curriculum area that we used the computers for e.g.one week we would concentrate on maths with the computers and the next week literacy etc.  This ensured that we did not lose considerable teaching and learning opportunities from any one curriculum area.  However, it did mean that it would sometimes be two or three weeks before we revisited a set of skills or programmes.

My intention to have the computers for use independently was not met in term one but I will continue to work on this.  I feel the computers would be a great asset to a literacy or maths rotation.  Teaching and learning (as well as practise opportunities) of the skills involved is vital for this to be successful.  Therefore my intention is to run slightly shorter but more frequent opportunities to do this before adding the computers to a task board or rotation for independent activity time.


  • Joanne Higgins

    Wouldn't it be great indeed to have that independant use. I'm sure with practice Room 7 will achieve this. As a teacher in the seniors it's great to know the basics are being instilled all the way through the school.