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Room 4's blog adventure Term 1 2012

At the end of the summer school holidays I attended the Learning at School Conference in Hamilton. I have been interested in starting up a class blog for some time now and so selected a breakout called ‘blogging to make connections’. From this breakout I learnt out to create a blog using www.blogger.com.

My purpose for creating this class blog was to enable the children in my class to share their learning and experiences with family and friends. I also wanted to create a blog to enable Room 4 to connect with other classrooms and schools. We have learnt what a widget is, how to upload photos, how to create a photo slideshow using photo peach and different ways to change the design of our blog template.

I’ve found that the children have been really excited about sharing and celebrating their learning on the blog. I spoke to parents about the blog at the meet the teacher afternoon, as well as provided a hand out. I’ve had very little response from the children’s family. My next steps are to find more effective ways to get families involved in commenting and interacting with the blog, as well as make connections with other schools. I would also like to learn how to upload some things we have done on the ipad to the blog.


Simone Gentil


  • Joanne Higgins

    Good luck with your learning journey. We'll be following in your footsteps soon. Expect questions regarding widgets- they sound cute.

  • Gina Kitchen

    Simone, I had the conversation about encouraging commenting on the blog etc with some teachers at Educamp, and they had some great suggestions.  Would you like to work with me on a blogging evening/afternoon for parents?  I would go over our blogs, the goals etc and then get them commenting on the blogs (I thought we could set up the COWs) as well as provide handouts that support blogging etc at home.  What do you think?


  • Simone Gentil

    That sounds like a great idea! Would love to do that with you. We have been a bit slack with the blog so far this term as the kids lost a bit of interest with not getting any comments (other than from each other haha). We will start posting again from this week though :) Looking forward to organising a parent evening/afternoon!!