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Blogging bits - Reflection Term One 2012

This term, I set myself the goal to establish a class blog, with the intention of updating the blog once or twice a week.  This has been a very successful venture so far.  My students (New Entrants) have enjoyed looking at the blog in the classroom and often ask to read it during our story time.  We have blogged about school trips, writing, art work, visitors, the flood day, baking... you name it.  

I have used a couple of apps on my Ipad to create some different blog entries.  I have used SonicPics regularly with the kids - it is an easy way to create a video out of photos with a voice over.

Here is the blog entry with our "slideshow":  


I have also used Pic Collage to create a photo collage with photos and words.


I have had positive feedback from the few parents who have visited the site, but find that it is not visited as much as I would like.  I have decided that my next step with this blog is to encourage parents to regularly visit the blog and begin commenting on our blog posts.  To achieve this, I may run an after school / evening meeting to teach parents how to comment on the blog.  I also think I will talk to other teachers who are blogging to find out how they hooked in parents.