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Tech Wizards and Angels 2012


  • Annemarie Hyde

    Term 1

    Each school to form own tech angel/wizard group and begin pd.

    At Mokoia Intermediate a weekly lunchtime meeting began from Week 2:

    Session 1: Connections - team building (signature hunt); what are all these cords for? (ethernet, power, vga)

    Session 2: Putting together a computer

    Session 3: Doing an inventory - serial numbers etc.

    Session 4: ICT Skills passport t - What do I need to know?

    Session 5: Starting a Blog

    Session 6: Adding Pictures to My Blog


    Term 2

    Shared workshop at Rotorua Lakes High School.

    Topic - Blogging

    Format - an exploration of widgets followed by a "smackdown" of student findings

  • Annemarie Hyde

    Photo Gallery and Hamish's reflections

    Andre's reflections

  • Annemarie Hyde

    This was the most successful session we've had with the Tech Angels and Wizards, for several reasons:

    a) The students are familiar with the expectations.  Some of the Tech Angels at RLHS, were Wizards last year at Mokoia.  They relished their new seniority

    b) Having reflected on how to run the afternoon, I'd kept it to a simple task that was achievable even if the internet slowed down - it did!  I broke the programme into timed small chunks which kept everyone on task

    c) There was a teacher there from each of the three schools to support

    d)The task included transferrable skills

    e) We didn't build in a high degree of team expectation by having a high risk task.

    Lots to think about for our next session.  The group bonded much faster and could move into more of a team task like making a film.  The biggest problem with that could be uploading to Movie Maker.  I wouldn't even try Vimeo or You Tube.  Have to think this through