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Registering and Logging in

Much of the site is open to the public, but to participate, you need to register an account.

There are TWO ways to register:

1. Use Google: this will create an account associated with your Google email address. Every time you login in, you can use the 'Google' button'.


2. Use your chosen details: You can register a username, password and email - and then use this username/email and password to login each time.



Frequently asked questions


Undecided Why have I got two accounts?

If you create an account with one email, and then try to login in using Google - and the emails are different - this will create a second, brand new account. You will then have TWO accounts on the VLN. You will need to contact admin to request that an account is deleted.


Cry I registered but am still waiting for confirmation

Check your spam folder and firewall. You will have been sent an automated message asking you to validate your email. You need to do this before registration can be completed. Alternatively, resgiter with a Google email.


Surprised I still need more help

For further assistance with logging in, contact help@vln.school.nz


  • Annie McGlone

    I get an email notification of a resource from the Primary Science Conference presentations but when I click on the link it tells me I am not logged in.  If I go directly to the VLN I can onlt see one of the presentations.  Not the one I am looking for.


    Annie McGlone

  • admin

    Annie - I think the best and fastest option will be for you to contact the conference organiser/group owner to help you locate the exact content you are looking for within the group as we can only help with log in and registration issues I'm afraid.

  • Parerawhiti Raerino

    I have gone to where it says register, unable to find part where I have to confirm my password?

  • Karen Spencer

    Kia ora Parerawhiti,

    Once you have completed the registration process, the email confirmation will be sent to your email inbox. If it hasn't arived, check your spam folder.

    If no luck, get back to me:)





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