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Using the iPad Creatively in Class

At Waihi East Primary School a year 5/6 class is studying 'Matariki' with a view to performing a myth or legend relating to 'Matariki' in a school show near the end of term 2 2011. Our Arts drama focus is - Level 3 Achievement Objective: Developing Ideas: Initiate and develop ideas with others to create drama. Specific Learning Outcomes selected for Assessment: Students will perform a drama including their understandings of Matariki (whakapapa, the land, the stars) in the Production. We are linking key competencies with this 'Matariki' unit they are: 'Participating and Contributing' and 'Relating to Others'.

An ICT learning experience that links with these 'Key Competencies' is outlined below:
We listened/watched a movie of the 'Creation Myth' to familiarize ourselves with the story line and characters. Next we used Puppet Pals HD on the iPad to re-enact the myth or legend. Link with Key Competencies - 'Participating and Contributing' working together in a group to draw the characters in the myth and to rehearse each persons speaking parts. Key Competency - 'Relating to Others' students behaved appropriately during rehearsal having turns, encouraging each other to use good character voices. See the result of one of our Puppet Pals HD Creation Myths below.