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31st of August - Stoke School




  • Kids Can Film Festival
  • Genius Cafe
  • Curriculum Link Nelson 2011
  • (Plan - how to do it again next year?)

Developing your AUP

  • Sharing time
  • Linking these to your values
  • Next steps/stage?
  • Developing the systems to support it

Sharing Time

  • Innovations - what are you planning/new ideas with eLearning?
  • Strategic Planning update - individual school AND cluster.
  • Resource sharing (online tools)

 E-Learning Pedagogy

  • Developing e-Learning Pedagogies
  • How do we do it?
  • Who do we involve?
  • What should it look like?
  • and how can it support what we are doing in our schools?

Final Milestone Requirements

  • School reflective summaries
  • EPS 2.0
  • Data collection plans
  • 'Project' reflective summaries