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Milestone 5 Reflective Log


  • Dianne Roadley

    Reflective Log:

    1.1 Increase students and staff awareness of copyright issues
    1.2 Increase student and staff information literacy skills
    1.3 Advance student use of effective e-learning tools
    3.1 Students are active participants in their inquiries
    3.2 Teachers are integrating new technologies in teaching and learning programmes innovative and exciting ways

    There has been a conscious commitment to meet our cluster goals in a focused way.

    Through our recent EXPO with all the students and teachers together was a perfect time to move the whole student body along with our thinking around Copyright- both lifting awareness and developing a set of clusterwide rules to avoid creating copyright issues.  Teachers have followed up this session with their students by looking at Creative Commons.  At our next professional learning day Di will take teachers through some simple/available ways to facilitate students making their own music and images.

    When we come together as a cluster we have multiple goals to meet; foremost is for students to bond with each other especially their buddy.  The day must be really high quality learning thats energetic and super fun!  We want our Expo days to be highly anticipated and long talked about afterwards.

    During the day is an opportunity for staff to meet face to face to discuss in a collegial way issues with the buddy program or other technical difficulties.  As all schools have invested in IWB there is always a component utilizing this too. (Planning always includes idea's and resources to utilize our IWB). 

    Please view planning for our WOK Expo and some photos at



    1.2 Increase student and staff information literacy skills

    3.1 Students are active participants in their inquiries

    Spending two whole days with Trevor Bond has had an enormous impact on our thinking around Information Literacy.  Trevor has a 'task based' approach to information literacy- crossing learning barriers as they need and scaffolding students so that they don't get so bogged in the technical stuff and can really get their focus into thinking about their question and discovering the answers!

    He managed to simplify the learning process and map a path through our school curriculums that has student learning at the forefront.  Each school was able to personalize their own schools learning/inquiry model with visuals being developed to allow this to be shared with the learning community.

    As a result of our time with Trevor Bond the cluster has committed to cluster wide inquiries, initially at our WOK Expo and then continuing through term 2 with our Giant Bubble Inquiry and term 3 will see us inquiring about instruments.  The planning for both was completed with Trevor's support.

    3.2 Teachers are integrating new technologies in teaching and learning programmes innovative and exciting ways

    The Cluster for Higher Learning continues to be a medium for high level collegial discussions and learning opportunities.  There is a high level of respect between teachers with all teachers bringing strengths to the learning table.  Staff always have fun when we come together!

    Through learning at Learning@schools conference, wide professional reading, and teachers own initiatives learning is shared at Professional Learning days where all staff contribute to the day.  Students have an expectation that these days will bring new initiatives back to the classroom so await teachers return eagerly.  Student confidence is high with even the youngest students enjoying success with camera's, video, easiSpeaks, eportfolio's, IWB and many websites that they use with ease to enhance and share their learning.

  • Yvonne Nikora

    PD day at Waerenga-O-Kuri School

    • my Portfolio taster session with Paul Seiler
    • SMS assembly - school master replacement: Phone Conference with Paula from Schola
    • Share and Compare - latest fun applications and neat tips
    • e-buddy programmes - organisation, checking the update of Success Criteria

    Reflection Comments:

    The new SMS assembly seemed to present a lot of possibilities and we all liked the idea of having our data maintained in the clouds! Each school spoke of difficulties with School Master and were keen to move on. The time management and multi task capabilities of the SMS system were appealing to all.

    my Porfolio is a great concept with lots of potential for us. We are excited about being move our huge e-learning portfolio files onto the internet and save space on our severs. It's also leading to easily shared information with the ability to control who we share it with. We would have liked to have seen more examples of portfolios that children had created so we could see that real learning opporuunities are created for our students. We are keen to trial this application this year with the idea of moving into whole cluster buy in next year. 


  • Yvonne Nikora

    e-buddy programmes

    Junior Programme with I see... I think... I wonder... (making thinking visible)and the poetry component are ready to go. We have the timetables for SKYPE yet to go. The children have revisited the success criteria on the iether pads and are enthusiastic about sharing their ideas. This programme has become a regular feature in our weekly activities and the children know initiate the learning if it doesn't occur as per plan.