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Reflective Summary: Milestone 3 2011

Year level:

This is a second year of a 3 year contract.

Cluster type:

We are an ICT cluster.


We are a cluster of 10 full primary and contributing schools in the wider Invercargill and Winton areas.


Cluster Goal:

The ict2lrn goals were focussed on the 5 national goals: to use eLearning to give effect to the New Zealand Curriculum / Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. 

Our cluster also emphasised the development of ICT integration through the classroom inquiry teaching and learning model.

Interventions – what we did:

We implemented and began a teacher inquiry model for all teachers.  Teachers were able to select their own inquiry focus based on their own eLearning development and their student’s needs. 




The cluster provided support and facilitation for the teacher inquiry process through, pod meetings across the schools and epal classroom visits.  These allowed teachers to connect and reflect together on their inquiry process.  The cluster also facilitated a teach meet after school for teachers to participate in workshops which gave them further strategies to meet their own inquiry focus.



Teacher Inquiry posts on Cluster Blog 

TeachMeet evidence 

Cluster Staff Meetings evidence 

Each school has its own action plan that was developed by the individual Principal and lead teachers.  Release time was given to Lead Teachers to develop a variety of initiatives that would meet the local school needs.  These included the purchasing of new hardware, development of cybersafety agreements and the review and redevelopment of school websites and intranet systems.

Facilitator working with staff to assist action plan goals



The cluster also ran a Teacher Only Day and a Principal / Lead Teacher evening with Kath Murdoch.  Schools reviewed their own inquiry curriculum integration and development.  They also explored a variety of eLearning strategies that could enhance their inquiry teaching and learning.

Kath Murdoch Event – Blog links 


Intentions – why we did this:

The cluster review of 2010 revealed that the majority of schools had experienced and developed expertise in a wide range of eLearning and ICT tools.  The cluster Principals decided to target the cluster PD going forward for each individual school and teachers needs.  It was felt that the teacher inquiry process would help schools and teachers differentiate their own development.

The Kath Murdoch sessions were part of the clusters overall aims to further develop the inquiry learning model in our schools.  Our aim was also to enhance our inquiry delivery through the integration of ICT and eLearning pedagogies.


Impact on students/teachers/whanau

Teacher reflections noted the improved student outcomes as a direct result of the strategies used by teachers in their Teacher Inquiries.  Teachers and Principals are reporting an increased use of ICT tools in their daily delivery and increased student engagement as a result.

Each teacher is required to reflect once a term on their teacher inquiry progress.  Some have started professional blogs and are starting to connect with each other, both in and out of cluster initiatives, eg. On twitter, in blog comments and through the use of RSS readers. 



Schools are also reviewing and implementing their cybersafety and internet policies school wide.  As a result of schools reintroducing these changes, some are noting the need for further community engagement around informing parents about the benefits of eLearning for their children.  Schools are in the process of planning a range of initiatives to inform and connect with their communities.  They are intending to run workshops, parents meetings, newsletters and other initiatives to do this in the future.

Evidenced through School’s reflective summaries – links on cluster blog


Impact on students/teachers/whanau


  • Cluster is now reorganised into new sub-clusters based on being the 'best fit'.  Schools have designed action plans that will suite the strategic needs of each school - while also striving to meet the overall cluster goals.
  • Most schools continuing to develop a culture of teacher reflective practice through the use of Teacher Inquiry.
  • TeachMeets have been organised for terms 2 to assist teachers develop ICT integration into their classroom practise.
  • Schools will continue to develop their classroom inquiry models.