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Last updated by Clive Irion

Staff meetings are scheduled for all staff every Monday afternoon from 3.10pm to 5pm. ICT PD sessions alternate every second week with the staff meetings. It is compulsory for all staff to attend.

Every week there is a short sharing session on ipod touch applications and use as one of the main objectives of the school is to have regular use of them in the classrooms.

We have PD days scheduled for PD in the use of ipod touches in the classsroom and staff have attended sessions on mobile devices at the Ulearn conference.

The Principal is showing a strong commitment to applying mobile technologies to the classroom. The board is also showing a financial commitment to the improvement of infrastructure and resources throughout the school. 

 PD sessions are timetabled for Wednesday afternoons where staff can have one on one sessions with one of the lead teachers if they need extra assistance.