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Last updated by JacquiLand

We have spent the bulk of the year to date moving our Moodle site to a Moodle 2 site. This has now been completed and staff are beginning to upload more resources and courses onto Moodle. Our Moodle site is also used to pass on information and notices.

The work we have done to date can be seen at http://papanui.moodle2.net.nz

Staff and students are also beginning to make more use of Google Apps and MyPortfolios.

This year we are also trialling a Digi Class. This is a B band mixed ability class that have been given a tablet PC by Toshiba to use for the year. The teachers of this class have been given one extra non-contact period a week, so that they can plan the delivery of their lessons to ensure that they are focussing on teaching and learning but are making the most of the technology. They have used a variety of programs and resources. Further details of these will be posted in the coming weeks. This term the class have embarked on an inquiry project. The progress they have made is recorded on their papNET (Moodle) pages. These can be accessed from http://papanui.moodle2.net.nz/course/view.php?id=1383