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Milestone 3 Reflections

Milestone 3 Reflections

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    Akona are using e-learning and Solo Taxonomies to support and enhance their learning


    The teachers at Mamaku School provide opportunities in a Maori medium for all students.  The senior and middle school students in the first term researched and shared their individualised pepeha.  This gave the students the opportunity to share their cultural connections and personalities to make their classes more aware of who they are.

    They displayed and recorded these in a variety of ways both digitally and visually. Some used recording devices to capture their Mihi allowing for feedback by peers on pronunciation of the language. The Year 7 and 8 class created visual mats with an explanation using a Solo Rubric to improve their explanations.


    Some of the junior classes have included Te Reo in their current weekly programme. The students are making connections when counting in English and Te Reo also when learning their colours, through music and language.  We have recoded this so the students ar able to reflect on their knowledge.



    Room 7 (Photos, explanations, rubric)


    Room 6 ( Photos,  Explanation)


    Room 5 ( Voicethread of Mihi)


    Student voice reflection – “ I said toku wrong”

                                                 “ Clear saying of the words.”

                                                  “ Loud enough voice so you can hear me”

    Students creating games in Maori – Producing material on the laptop


    Room 2 ( Counting in Maori, Colours in Maori)


    Both teachers and students are becoming more digitally aware and confident in making choices of when to use a digital tool to enhance learning.

    Students are coming up with I wonder questions that they are using search engines to find answers to ,  learning to cross reference sources especially in the senior classes. 

    All teachers have the opportunity to book the laptops and the note books  for classroom use, many have now put into place regular computer programme that runs along side the classroom programme.


    Room 2 – Spelling and keyboard skills


    Room 5 – Adding to class blogg

    -       Mathletics

    -       Wordle – synonyms  

    -       Voice thread