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Assets for mini-game content

The Reiners Tileset propose a huge collection of animated Sprites with positions in the e-ne-n-nw-w-sw-s-se orientations. All released as freeware. As stated on the readme page freeware "All the graphics, textures and meshes are freeware. Even for commercial Games. I just want my name in the Credits in the commercial case"

A sprite lib under a GPL license

Very nice textures and tilesets shared by Lost Garden: Handrawn textures, 8-bit Sinistar clone graphics, some great sets of game tiles and game graphics for small worlds. They are all released under a very loose license: "As always, these tiles are free to be used in whatever projects you desire. (I need to get a copyleft license available at some point.) If you do use the graphics, drop me a note."

Open Game Art which presents itself as a "community that brings like-minded coders and artists together for the purpose of creating Open Source video games, by providing a human-edited, searchable database of freely-licensed art resources."

User contributed Game Art Pack in the Dundjinni community (they can easily be reused in other contexts)

Using google, it is not difficult to find other resources, like this huge collection of resources Charas Project. But I wouldn't recommend to use these for anything other than inspiration.

Learning through games

Learning through games

Learning games or serious games are about taking the problem-solving and critical-thinking skills kids often develop playing other forms of video games but in an education context.