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Tahunanui School

Tahunanui School

Last updated by Emma Watts

Tahunanui School's annual targets are built around our vision and mission statements, strategic goals, student survey, staff work place survey and  student progress in curriculum areas.  Our annual e-learning targets reflect national and cluster e-learning goals and success indicators.


The action plan for the e-Learning strategic plan was broken down into professional development (covering goal 2 & 3),  teaching and learning (goal 1) and professional learning communities (goal 4 & 5).  Major emphasis is on goal 1; digital citizenship &  development of our school curriculum: design and review, and goal 5; develop our online professional reflections.

In the 2010 Annual Report for e-Learning we identified from the student survey that in June 2010 58% of students perceived that they often used ICTs in their learning compare to 52% of students in November 2010.  This highlighted the need to support teacher and student progress with integrating ICTs into their classroom programmes in a wider variety of ways and identify alternative ways to track this integration.  We also indentified the need to align our e-learning strategic plan to the National Goals & Cluster goals for e-Learning and to continue the developmentment our school curriculm design and review.