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Curriculum at Enner Glynn School

Curriculum at Enner Glynn School

Last updated by Isaac Day

Here is our over-arching framework for 2011...



This framework encompasses our School’s ‘Learning Lenses’ and is linked closely to the Science, Social Science and Technology areas of the New Zealand Curriculum.

This approach was also deliberately designed to support the future focus of the learning areas in the ‘School Curriculum: Design and Review’ section of the New Zealand Curriculum (See Below).

Future-focused issues are a rich source of learning opportunities. They encourage the making of connections across the learning areas, values, and key competencies, and they are relevant to students’ futures.
Such issues include:

  • sustainability – exploring the long-term impact of social, cultural, scientific, technological,‚Ä®economic, or political practices on society and the environment
  • citizenship – exploring what it means to be a citizen and to contribute to the development and well-being of society
  • enterprise – exploring what it is to be innovative and entrepreneurial
  • globalisation – exploring what it means to be part of a global community and to live amongst diverse cultures.

p39 of the NZC or click here

We also have developed as a staff an alignment to the Key Competencies with some big picture statments for what we feel our students should learn (See below).


Again, this is aligned closely to our Key Learning Lenses (Understanding, Uniting, Belonging, Being and Growing)