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     L3&4 Mana Arahi: Working with Addictions

     What's in this course?

     Mā te whakātu ka mohio mā te mohio ka marama mā te marama ka matau mā te matau ka ora

    With discussion comes knowledge, with knowledge comes light with light comes understanding, with understanding comes wellness.

    Henare Tate

     This new online course aims to help you develop an understanding of working with addictions. Working with people who have addiction problems is an extremely rewarding career as you get to see miraculous change in individuals, whānau and communities, often against the odds. 

     This course aims to introduce you to the addictions field and prepare you for an ongoing career in the addictions sector.

    You will;

    • Look at a range of addictive substances and their effects on individuals, family/whānau and communities in Aotearoa New Zealand.
    • Investigate and explore how substance use and addiction has impacted on family/whānau and society over time.
    • Learn tikanga concepts that underpin Hui including korero, mihi, whakataukī and whakapapa and how these relate to working with people and families/whānau.
    • Learn some key communication skills for working with people and families/whānau including listening, questioning, attending, paraphrasing, and responding to body language.
    • Learn key concepts related to consumer rights and ethical behaviour in line with legislation.
    • Have work experience in an addiction service
    • Attend a fully paid for Noho Marae at the end of the course.

     Support available


    • Email
    • Moodle site
    • Kanohi ki te kanohi via online video conferencing
    • Forums
    • Chat



    • Weltec Staff




    Drugs and Alcohol


    Communication skills


    Work Experience

    Noho Marae


    What will be assessed?


    • Your understanding of addiction
    • Your understanding of different types of substances and their effects.
    • Your investigation into the influence of addiction on family/whānau and society in Aotearoa New Zealand.
    • Your understanding of Hui
    • Your listening and communication techniques
    • Your understanding of consumer rights
    • Your understanding of ethical behaviour when working with people and families/whānau
    • Your involvement in an addiction agency when on work experience.


    How will it be assessed?

    • Participation at Hui
    • Assessing face to face (topics will be identify
    • Presenting prepared posters
    • Written work (small case study)
    • Poster
    • Online Presentations
    • Online demonstrations


    Standard numbers







    Start date: February 2011


    Finish date:  December 2011


    Duration: 4 terms


    Course prerequisites


    Level 2 NCEA

    Good level of understanding of English (written & verbal)

    Ability to work independently

    Have a desire to work in a supportive way with people

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    Mana Arahi students at Well Trust a youth specific AOD clinic in Wellington